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Review - Sabbaba Newtown


The Middle East is so where it’s at right now. Luke Bayliss (Sumo Salad) shows he has his finger on the pulse with his newest entry to the King Street foodie parade. He scratches the authentic itch (as well as the easily franchisable one) by partnering with Nic Kat, who’s been serving Bondi residents Middle Eastern food for the last eleven years.

It’s all good – that’s what the name means, and that’s what you’re likely to think if you head on down for a Pita ($9.90), Bowl ($14.50) or Plate ($16.90).

Augment the crisp salads, dips and fluffy pita with a selection from their list of meats, poultry, cheese, fish and vegetarian delights  - this is the Chicken Shish Plate ($16.90).

Moist lamb kofta, riddled with pine nuts and herbs, scrub up particularly well.

Make a meal of it with a Value Pack ($4.90) of two selections from a list that includes Sabbaba Lemonade (plain or ‘pink’ with added rose water) or desserts like Cashew and Pistachio Baklava.

There’s also Felafel Balls ($7.50/12) but suggesting anyone does the best felafel in town is fighting words, so I’ll just say my heart still lies in Surry Hills at Al Aseel.

To help you get down with the multi-cult, graffiti artist Jeremy Hession has tagged the walls.

Sabbaba Newtown
148 King Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 9519 8084

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