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Review - Boteco


It may come as a surprise, but not all Brazilian has to be an endurance test in protein consumption. Petiscos or ‘tasty foods’ at this small bar accentuate an excellent list of cocktails including Sydney’s best Pisco Sour ($16).

On the sweeter side, the Picante Caipifruta ($16) rolls cinnamon and pineapple with a hint of chilli; but be warned, the ease of drinking these South American temptations seems directly proportional to the intensity of the hangover.

If you're like me, you'll throw ‘em back as you pop light, airy Bacalhau ($10) salt cod balls into your mouth; and devour Portuguese Chorico ($12), a chorizo made with peppers not paprika.

Or you could eschew the Uva & Hortela ($16) with grapes, mint and rose water and drink sensibly from the uncompromisingly South American wine list – the delicate Argentinean 2007 Trumpeter Torrontés ($9/glass) is a beauty!

Moving on to my second revelation – not all tiny balls are molecular! Nevertheless, the soy tapioca ‘caviar’ topping the clever Peruvian Ceviche ($12) are still amazing.

There’s also moreish Marinated Quail Eggs with White Anchovies ($8) and...

...well-handled Bolinho de Arroz ($13) or Parmesan rice balls; but do leave room for picahna!

Combine the tasty slices of grain-fed Espetinho ($10) with Cassava Chips ($6) for an exotic steak-and-chips experience; then wrap things up with yummy house-made Coconut and Tapioca Ice Cream ($5).

It's pictured here in passionfruit and coconut - both were lovely! 

I'm determined to return to this one to explore the rest of the cocktail list, and enjoy the heartfelt welcome and enthusiasm on the floor from Aline, who hails from São Paulo, Brazil.

421 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9318 2993

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