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Review - Big Brekky

There’s no denying the popularity of this inner west breakfast specialist; so if you dine on the weekend, you should come prepared for a wait.

The locals come for heaving plates of good produce, like the signature Big Brekky ($18).

Perched like a mountain on Sonoma bread are scrambled eggs, whole cherry tomatoes, an undercooked slab of potato gratin, tasty mango chutney, bacon, and chicken and rocket chipolatas that are so good I suspect they come from local standout AC Butchery.

A plate of Corn Fritters ($16.50) is also abundant. The fritters themselves are bursting with juicy sweet kernels of corn, but could have benefited from seasoning – in fact both plates could have.

An errant coffee order eventually resulted (after questioning) in a Campos Latte ($3.30) that tasted burnt. Juices, like a vibrant Carrot, Mint and Ginger ($6) or the Orange, Pineapple and Mint ($6) pictured above fared much better.

Venturing back on another occasion to try the sweeter offerings was similarly hit-and-miss. An over-sweet plate of French Toast with Banana, Caramel Sauce and Caramel Pecans ($14) came dotted with large, sugary clumps. Further investigation revealed they disguised pecans. Do us a favour: if an element doesn’t work in the kitchen, don’t put it on the plate.

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