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This Week's Column - Tastier Than The Impending Election

Published in the Inner West Independent and City News.

Where I Wagyu

Despite the gloomy title, things are looking up for the inner west, with providore Urban Food Market settling into permanent digs in Marrickville. Rather than having to brave the mushy markets during this inclement weather, you’ll now be able to visit them from 9am-1pm at the warehouse, just a few doors down from Bourke Street Bakery’s Marrickville café. If the thought of no barbeque pains you, you could get a taste of Tim’s meat at his upcoming Wagyu Dinner. Held on Tuesday 19th April at Cotton Duck with Jared Ingersoll at the helm, it’s sure to be a corker! Diners can expect 7 courses for a bargain $79/head, including Jared’s signature watermelon braised whole waygu shin. With matching wines thrown in for $105, and the Pirie Gewurztraminer on the list, I reckon you’d be nuts not to go the whole er… cow.

Still on the topic of wagyu beef, how’d you like to win the meat tray to beat all meat trays? Carlton Draft are making up a beauty, feeding up some very lucky cows on hops and malt worth in excess of $50,000! Yep, that’s about $50 per day, per cow; and they’ll be giving it away at tasting events across Australia. Stalk the Carlton Draught Facebook page for more details. Sure looks like one happy cow to me.

In With The New
Filling one of the rather large holes left by Sean Connolly at Star City, and slotting into the area once occupied by Sean’s Kitchen, is Bistro 80 and chef Paul Gaspa. Paul’s cooked everywhere from Crown Melbourne to the Al Mahara Restaurant at the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, with a stint at the Michelin-starred Conrad Hotel in Tokyo in between. Paul explains he will be doing “freshly shucked oysters to order and Crystal Bay prawns, we will slow roast rumps of Victorian lamb and we will have carpaccio of tender aged beef.” Sounds like Pyrmont residents can look forward to some good produce and classic fare!

Woman on Top
On the back of International Women’s Day, it’s nice to report that Fiona Hatchett has returned to Jimmy Liks as their new head chef. Fiona, who is clearly as excellent at multitasking as she is with a knife, began her career there nine years ago as a chef de partie in their original crew. She rose through the ranks to co-head chef before leaving to have two sons, Kaidan and Chayce. Now she’s back, and a testament to women being able to have their babies, and run a commercial kitchen too!

Drown Election Sorrows
If the race to the bottom in NSW politics is depressing you as much as it is me, take an after work rumble in the jungle that is Goodgod. By all reports it’s the hottest nightspot in town, and they’re now doing knock-off time drinks every Wednesday to Friday from 5pm. It pays to bring friends because their famous punch jugs will quench the thirst of three or four for around $25-$33 bucks apiece depending upon whether you fancy a Cherry Moon with juicy cherry cola and Mt Gay Rum, or a Mint Jalopy with icy bourbon and rosewater or one of their other concoctions. I’m hoping their funky favela beats will shake my nightmares of Barry O’Farrell away.
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