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Review - Koi

Where’s Woolwich? Luckily these days, all it takes is an iPhone and shazam you’re on a wonderfully green peninsula looking at twinkling city lights.

Two more minutes, and you’re ensconced in a dining room so beautifully decorated you’ll think you’ve miscalculated and ended up in Japan.

The soulful notes of the shakuhachi intertwine with trickling water from an internal water feature. On the artisan plates you can expect an equally good selection of traditional and modern dishes.

The Chef’s Selection Mixed Sashimi ($39/15 pieces) of generous chunks of fish includes less common delights like Bonito.

The expertly seared Kingfish Carpaccio ($20) dazzles with garlic red miso; but true harmony is reached by popping perfect squares of...

...Bangalow Pork Belly ($20) into your mouth against a glass of the 2009 Klur Katz Pinot Gris ($13). Great wine... so great in fact I actually had a second glass of the same thing, and wished I'd bought a bottle!

With stellar wines and sakes, you might need a bowl of above-par Edamame ($8) whilst you ponder.  Make sure it matches spatchcock though, because the Hinadori ($40) with black truffle emulsion and white truffle dust is my dish of the night.

Hearing the bonzer foliage accompanying the Baked Eggplant ($18) gets hand-foraged by the chef daily is both endearing and extremely tasty.

I reckon you’ll love it, all the way to the complimentary gold-dusted chocolate koi.

Which incidentally make a perfect dessert if you fill up completely on the Chef's Selection of Mixed Nigiri Sushi ($30/12 pieces) that comes at the end of the meal, rather than the beginning.  Just sayin'...

102 Woolwich Road, Woolwich
Ph: (02) 9817 6030
Tags: food, wine
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