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Review - Ruby L'otel *UPDATED*

I've been to Ruby L'otel a number of times, so this time I decided to send another food writer, Alex Harmon. If you'd like to check out my previous visits (under another chef) you can find them HERE and HERE. Or read below to find out what Alex made of the joint:

A working-class pub with a feminine touch: this Rozelle ‘local’ had a suffrage movement makeover. I dived into the Soft Shell Tacos ($20/4) choosing chicken, beef, fish and lamb, but wanting more. Mental note: aim for Taco Tuesday when they’re a mere $3 each. They’re fresh, open and look like a floral median strip waiting to be demolished. Reach for the Salsa Picante (which literally means ‘to sting’) for a true taste of South-East Mexico. And washed down with a Hahn Superdry ($5.20) for that fire-blanket in your mouth experience. The Thai Beef Salad ($17.50) is a pyramid of flavour with succulent, rare beef slices stacked with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slithers, chilli and peanuts. For something off the beaten track (most likely off the Texas Turnpike) I tried the Deep Fried Pickles with Ranch Sauce ($9). Ugly food that is surprisingly tasty – although it will probably fade into the ‘where are they now’ food group where deep-fried Camembert and Mars disappeared. If the menu is sounding familiar it’s because it’s the same brains behind the uber-trendy Norfolk in Surry Hills. I dare say this is their less popular cousin, but with its stunning outdoor atrium and chilled patrons, it could stand the test of times.

Ruby L’otel

68 Victoria Road, Rozelle
Ph: (02) 9555 1900

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