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Review - Klaus's Brasserie *UPDATED*

Having already reviewed Klaus's Brasserie when it was at the Bondi Hakoah Club back HERE, I decided to send Alex Harmon to the new location at the Paddington RSL to see what she thought:

As the name suggests, the menu at the Paddo RSL is splattered with Germanic delights. Weiner Schnitzels, liver, brains and sauerkraut are amongst the choices, all served in a very modern and Western manner. Yep, that would be pub-style chips. I was tempted by the Germany-meets-New-York-City creation that is the Reuben sandwich but, feeling famished opted for the Pan Fried Crumbed Lamb Cutlets ($26.00/4) recommended by restaurant owner Warwick Campbell. Lightly crumbed and a delicate size for those bone-handling finales, they’re accompanied by a bowl of shoe-string fries so big it is served with kitchen tongs, and a salad of shredded carrot and cabbage reminiscent of a coleslaw, only greener. My dining partner went for the healthy sounding option of Grilled Fresh Saltwater Barramundi Fillet ($28.50). To me, health is relative to size and since this fish was as big as a shoe, it didn’t matter that it was only lightly grilled in oil. Besides, keeping the salad dressing on the side was a failed test in willpower. A dressing so good, diets will break for it. Luckily you’ll never know what’s in it. Klaus went all Colonel on me: “it’s a patented recipe that I can’t disclose!

Klaus’s Brasserie
Paddington RSL Club, 220-232 Oxford Street, Paddington
Ph: (02) 9331 2833

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