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Review - Crazy Wings

Believe me when I tell you, sticking sticks in stuff makes eating much more exciting.

More than just a gimmick, these ‘kao chuan’ or Chinese barbeque skewers, date back over a century.

The intense charcoal notes of this cooking style really complements the namesake Crazy Wings ($2.50), best in numbing Szechuan Chilli Pepper. If you’re crazy about heat, ask ‘em to make you the BT Monster ($3) from their Haymarket store – but don’t call me if it hurts.

There is seemingly no end to stuff that can be stuck either, from Prawns ($6.50/2 piece) impregnated with pineapple...

...to whole Abalone Mushrooms ($4/3 piece); to lil’ Beef and Enokitaki Mushroom Rolls ($5.50/2 piece).

Whilst a neighbouring table of gym bunnies seemed to be enjoying the total protein hit, I carb’d up my meal up with a Chinese Spring Onion Pancake ($4) and...

...some Old Beijing Pork Noodles ($11.80).

I washed it all down with Pearl River Beer ($7), after throwing in a few greens for balance - the folded garlic shoots on the Chargrill Leaf ($4/3 piece) looked pretty and tasted great.

A few fast Crazy Scallops ($3.90) and I’m grinning like a harpy thinking: isn’t it perverse to stick a gym on top of Eat Street?

Crazy Wings
Shop 8, Eat Street, 1-5 Railway Street, Chatswood
Ph: (02) 9410 3978

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Apr. 14th, 2011 07:54 am (UTC)
Simon Food Favourites
i can't believe i didn't try the chicken wings last week when i visited. i think it was overwhelmed with the menu choices and didn't realise they were even on there.
Apr. 14th, 2011 11:37 am (UTC)
Re: Simon Food Favourites
It was a big menu. but Simon, it's called 'Crazy Wings'!
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