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Review - Swallow Coffee Traders

When Alex Harmon described the coffee at this place, I knew I had to get her to review it!

Cafe owners in Rockdale are faced with a bitter pill to swallow – it’s brightly coloured, visible from the train, and tastes like the best coffee in town. At 24 years old, Angus Nicol, the boy wonder of the café world, has opened a unique cafe with partner Jess Hol. Age has no barrier on palates; they serve up dishes with wisdom and flair beyond even their combined years. The Corn Fritters ($10) with avocado, sweet roasted capsicum salsa are delightfully fluffy, the conglomeration of sweet and savoury make it the perfect breakfast dish. Their ever-changing menu is a regular’s dream but has me worried I’ll never get to try the Barbequed Peach ($9) with ricotta, pear and vanilla jam on rye which sounds to me like a picture of summer. Proving that the ‘burbs aren’t a coffee wasteland, the Single Origin coffee beans and innovative ‘naked portafilter’ (or “crotchless” as the barista calls it), pours out perfect crema. Nothing is compromised; they even use Country Valley milk. I couldn’t resist a freshly made Passionfruit Slice ($2.20) its creamy filling screamed for more coffee – just to check the last one wasn’t a fluke. Don’t take my word for it, go and discover for yourself.

Swallow Coffee Traders
1/7 Tramway Arcade, Rockdale
Ph: (0414) 924 685

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Tags: food
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