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Event - Grassfed Wagyu Meatup at Cotton Duck

I also got along to Urban Food Market’s Grass-fed Wagyu Meatup™, held at Cotton Duck. If you’re still in the dark, these dinners hosted by Marrickville meat man Tim Elwin, showcase his products using the talents of chefs who use them every day in their restaurants. Chef Jared Ingersoll is no stranger to ethical produce. For the night he produced a range of dishes using Mirragong wagyu.

I thought it scrubbed up best in a little canapé of shaved sirloin, raw onion, onion juice and Parmesan, though Jared’s signature whole watermelon marinated shin cooked on the bone in pomegranate elicited the most gasps at our shared table.

Jared also ventured outside his comfort zone with a pre-dessert of beef tuille with bittersweet chocolate mousse, ancho nero and popcorn. It wasn’t a success, so it was nice to hear him comment in his address to diners: “At the end of the day, it tasted like someone fucked up a dessert."

Now what also makes these dinners fun is getting to know the folk you’re randomly seated with. So if you come along, come with a friendly attitude, and get to know the people with whom you’re sharing a shin!

If you can’t make the next dinner, head on down to the Urban Food Market warehouse on a Saturday morning. As well as selling you your weekly supply of proteins, they also cook up sample portions so you can get some ideas about how to make your own dinner a roaring success!

Urban Food Market
Unit 1, 168 Victoria Road Marrickville
(02) 9516 0601

Cotton Duck
50 Holt Street, Surry Hills

Ph: (02) 8399 0250

Cotton Duck on Urbanspoon
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