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Review - LL Wine & Dine


Delve into the underbelly of Kings Cross and a space that once was a sex shop called Ecstasy.

It’s now full of people that wouldn’t be caught dead in a sex shop. The namesake drink ($16) impresses with coriander root and watermelon, but is bested by an excellent Chilli and Coconut Martini ($16).

Owners Matt, Chris and Tim Barge are sons of the Nick’s Seafood dynasty. The (now-retro) porn they found stashed in the roof tastefully decorates the way to a split-level dining room, which once was an illegal gambling den. Was that Abe Saffron’s ghost I just saw?

Edited 10th June, 2011 - I just received a call from Chris Barge saying this is not quite correct. He agreed that as he mentioned to me that they grew up in restaurants like Nick's Seafood, but expanded that their father was actually the Manager, not the owner. My apologies to the Manettas and Poulos organisations for misinterpreting him.

The brothers have grown up in restaurants so you can expect slickness and confidence on the floor. For a restaurant though, it makes an excellent bar. Regardless I liked the gonzo sensibility of the Grilled Scallops with Cauliflower Foam, Salmon Caviar & XO Sauce Flavoured Squid Ink Gnocchi ($23). It’s bold to unite Italy, Japan, France and China on one plate.

Sashimi Nachos ($26) were clever, but lacked seasoning.

Chopsticks made the Braised Beef Cheek with Sweet Potato Mash ($33) a little torturous, and I couldn’t help but wish for more flavour.

The Crispy Pork Belly ($29) was okay, but not outstanding.

Fusion’s a tough road.  But really, this one’s about the vibe, and the people have spoken - it’s packed. If you have an upcoming function, you might want to check out their red room under the stairs. It's intimate (think 20 or so) and very sexy... just think of how much fun you'll have explaining to your colleagues what it used to be...

LL Wine & Dine
42 Llankelly Place, Potts Point
Ph: (02) 9356 8393

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