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Review - Tomislav *UPDATED*


You know the food’s amazing when you have time to amuse yourself composing letters in your head:

                               Dear Nanna, it’s probably best if you just
                               stop making Warm Rice Pudding ($16),
                               Chef Tomislav Martinovic has it all sewn up.

                               Dear Husband, I know you just gave up Arborio
                               for Carnaroli, but Basmati Rice Risotto ($22) 
with grilled
                               sweet Yamba prawns, is really where it’s at right now.

It’s a thoroughly modern risotto - no cheese, no mushrooms - just excellent! (And no, you can't have it as a main, you'll die from the intensity.)

And don’t even get me started about the Roast Murray Cod Fillet ($38)! Okay, if you insist - it’s a riot of a dish. What lead him to combine fish and salted caramel?

Throw this question at his lovely partner Ann-Maree Gazal, who runs the floor with bucket loads of sincerity, and graciously allows you a glimpse of the man behind the chef’s whites. Her warmth neatly knocks the restaurant out of fine diner and into the realm of modern, everyday eat.

As my fingers stray toward grasping the tasty lamb Chupa Chup on the Roast Suffolk Lamb Rump ($38), I can tell she’s succeeded - I’m feeling mighty comfy.

Though the soft, monogrammed blankie keeping me toasty on the open-air balcony might have helped... Now, did I mention that Tomislav churns his own butter?

Since this meal was a return visit to Tomislav (you can find my earlier meal back HERE), I will say that the Rice Crackers with Sour Cream and Chives ($9) don't quite live up to the version that comes with an atomiser (thankfully still on the menu).

The Kangaroo Tartare ($15) on the other hand is possibly better! As you can see, it is dressed with a quail egg, powdered and fresh mint, as well as a not-quite-as-easy-to-see hazelnut dressing.

It comes with these wafer thin rectangles of joy. I mean seriously, the man churns his own butter, did you expect him to serve up a store bought wafer?

In fact the only dish I didn't love was this Scampi Cannelloni ($24), but shucks, it sure was pretty on the plate. And frankly, I'd throw scampi into just about everything if I was in charge too.

But enough about the dish I didn't like - how about a bowl of Silverbeet ($9) - totally amazing. I heard something about him using the water he cooked it in to intensify the flavour. I couldn't listen, I was marveling at loving the taste, and yes, even the stalks.

And in case you were wondering, the Crinkle Cut Chips ($9) came up just fine this time.

I will leave you with the amazing marshmallowy Milk Chocolate Cream Cake ($16). If I wasn't already full to the brim, I would have scraped every last morsel off the plate, especially the smoked banana ice cream. He gets that even look by airbrushing it...

I already want to return.

2/13 Kirketon Road, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 9356 4535

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