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Well tonight took my award for best hors d'oeuvres EVER at an event. Let me just say, whomever made the duck rolls with the freshest cucumber ever, and a wheat based pancake (as opposed to a rice flour one) deserves an award.

I also liked the salt and pepper squid with chilli, the spoons which included dried shrimp, rice and thai based produce. There was also chicken with cous cous, tabouli and a white yoghurt sauce; meatballs with mini-toasts and a tomato based sauce; a trout/salmon (not tasty enough to tell) on toast with an avocado mousse with a basil pesto on toast; plus amazing deep fried crumbed artichokes with a spicy tomato relish. I almost missed reporting on the quail with a tzakiki like dressing - they rocked and represented a lot of work on the part of a chef, in that they had one, insy tincy bone.

We hob nobbed with Elton John, Morrisey and Sarah Murdoch (O'Hare) (who I must comment has a scraggry tattoo on her arm); critiqued frocks, shoes, and admired well-cut suits; and watched probably the best physical culture I think I have ever seen (plus Bengarra Dance, Sydney Dance and Australian Ballet, all with less success than the Physsie girls, especially the youngest. Fuck me, to be that flexible!)

And the showbag! Not only do we have a copy of the book, Move,  (EACH) which is an extraordinary global project featuring dancers from the leading dance companies of London, New York and Sydney, all of whom have been brought together by acclaimed Australian photographer, James Houston. But we got Hugo Boss photo albums, Hugo Boss Skin Rejuvenating Serum (non-oily moisturiser for men) and a 50ml 42 Below Vodka cab riding alcohol sample.

Oh and thanks to official sponsors, Piper Heidsieck Champagne and 42 Below Vodka, I got extremely drunk, and needed a special, (wearing a full skirt), office block pee. This made me feel especially glamourous, I tell you!  Their champagne sits right on the bladder, being incredibly acidic, and you need to pee so bad. I have already peed 4 times since arriving home. Very silly if you ask me.

The 42 Below cocktail included vodka, cranberry and the best canned Lychees I have had like... forever. I suspect a melon ingredient too, but this has by no means been confirmed. But it's there, I tell you.

Thank you goes to the gorgeously attired (silver dragoned) Mohamed Duar from The Aids Trust for the $220 per head freebies. I appreciated them very much!! But did I feel guilty enough to donate more than my acidic Piper laden pee to a Sydney sidewalk? Er... no. Sorry. No shame, I guess.
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