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This Week's Column - What Do You Fancy?

Published in the City Hub and City News.

From sniffing out stellar sausages, to scoping out which cooking classes would make for a great date-night, this week I’m all about finding you tasty things to eat, see and try!

Hot Diggity!
This week my nose has been hot on the trail of some haute dogs, which are rumoured to contain artisanal sausages from some of Sydney’s most esteemed butchers. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you probably haven’t seen the menu at Snag Stand. Word on the street is: it’s the runaway foodie success of the new Westfield Sydney. Snag Stand’s clever menu offers up delights such as Weisswurst in a soft poppy seed roll with house-made sauerkraut and sweet Bavarian mustard. Be still my beating heart! The only problem I foresee is that I’ll have a hard time choosing when I finally get to wrap my laughing gear around one of these high-end hot dogs!

Love Lamb?
Craving a bit of good, old-fashioned comfort food this winter? Matt Moran thought you might be, so he’s gone back to his family farm, nabbed some fine looking sheep and come up with a Moran’s Lamb Lunch! My mouth was watering as I read about his Roasted Leg of Lamb with a Cassoulette of Beans, Cotechino Sausage and Curly Kale. I guess we can surmise that Sunday lunch at his place was a bit fancier than the one I grew up with! You can enjoy his top-notch (hormone and antibiotic free) lamb dishes with an accompanying glass of good Orange wine at Aria during June and July for only $35/person!

All About Asian?
You’d probably have to have had your head under a rock to not see the influence that Longrain has had on Australian dining over the last decade of operation. What you might not have noticed yet though is Short Grain, their new mini-store. It’s your go-to store for a Longrain-style Thai at home experience, and the place you can pick up a street-style curry or salad for lunch at the same time. Rumour has it; there are even some changes upstairs too. Ever been thwarted by Longrain’s non-booking policy? Try again… you might be surprised.

Fancy Fish?
After a sterling selection of oysters last week during my review at Bistro 80, I am rather enamoured with seafood. It’s like getting a tiny taste of summer in the depths of our winter, and the perfect way to get your libido throbbing. Speaking of which, if you’re after a nice date-night activity, get some hands-on training down at Pyrmont’s Flying Fish. Your evening will begin with French Champagne, then you’ll be personally instructed on how to judge fish quality, fillet a fish, and cook sushi rice. You’ll assemble your own platter of sushi and sashimi, then head to Flying Fish’s Raw Bar where your Sommelier will then help you select a bottle of wine to match your creations. You can enjoy your very own Master Class any Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 5pm-7pm for $250/couple. What you do afterwards, is entirely up to you…

Cheek-to-Cheek Cooking
Since we’re speaking about saucy ways to spend time in the kitchen, one of the Alternative Media Group team came back raving from a cooking class with Cheeky Food Group. Instead of teaching you how to run a successful dinner party, they’ve decided that cooking together is where the fun is. So join in with a group of friends, or strangers, and see what comes of making dinner together and then sitting down to enjoy it. My slightly disbelieving colleague said: “it was heaps of fun actually. In fact, I even had a hangover (but from excellent pinot noir, so it was worth it).” Who knew grating carrots with each other would be the new foreplay?
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