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Review - Tiger Mottle *UPDATED*

Alex Harmon popped along to Tiger Mottle in Paddington this week, to see what's cooking there. You can see my two past reviews of this venue HERE and HERE.

This café embraces the positives of the experimental 70s, from the vinyl records on the wall to the groovy burgers and shakes on the menu. Their LSD is caffeine and I recommend you dabble in a Maple Mottle ($3) double ristretto, maple syrup, chocolate shavings, cream and chili flakes. It’s like a snooze-alarm; it wakes you once with a sugary caffeine hit, and again with mouth-tingling chili.

Return to earth with that 70s breakfast: Bubble and Squeak ($15). There’s nothing recession-years about it with generous poached eggs, Parmesan, sautéed cabbage, bacon, potato and peas. Wash it down with a Pink Floyd ($5.50) with raspberry, pineapple and apple, which is very bright side of the moon.

The Char-grilled Chicken Burger ($15.50) is a mod-burger in a glossy bun with crumbed chicken so juicy it’s like bee-stung schnitzel and stacked with pesto, bacon, avocado and roasted tomatoes. A side of chat potatoes makes a nice alternative to twiggy shoestring fries.  Every burger should be accompanied by a shake and their coffee-flavoured Mottle Shake ($6.50) is the ticket.

The Paddington clientele might be more ‘Harper Valley PTA’ but good on Tiger Mottle for pushing the boundaries. With Hendrix-style coffee, they’re sure to have some swingers.

Tiger Mottle
248 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Ph: (0402) 520 516

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