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Review - The Abercrombie

After wrestling yet another pub out of the clutches of pokies, pongy carpet and misogynist old men, Bang Gang DJ Jaime Wirth hands ‘em to Melbourne designer, Michael Delany.

Delaney’s got a way of retaining character while delivering a theme – in this case Scottish pub meets American frat-house - saying no to backlit marble, stainless steel and Dyson Airblades; and yes to clutter like boobs, bagpipes and bookshelves.

It’s backed by a commitment to providing value at prices even uni students can afford! Trays of $3 Tacos trek past my table, after depositing a Sailor Jerry Taco ($3) accompanied by an equally well-priced Sailor Jerry with Ginger Beer ($5).

Suspecting the kitchen must be cursing ‘Taco Wednesday’, I show mercy by ordering some extremely delicious Mac and Cheese Balls ($12) instead. Be still my defibrillating heart!

The dainty Scotch Egg Slider ($6) of sausage-wrapped-soft-cooked-quail-egg ain’t likely to prolong life either...

...but it sure is tasty.

After sticking 000 on speed-dial, finish yourself off with a Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($7) – dessert worth dying for.

Value and youthful exuberance is also obvious behind the bar – try the Berocca-Colada ($13) pre-emptive hangover strike...

...or Rave Juice ($13), the only (legal) fun you can have involving a baggie and a straw.

The Abercrombie
100 Broadway (Cnr. Abercrombie Street), Sydney
Ph: (02) 9280 2178

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Tags: cocktails, food
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