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Review - Brasa Chicken (Annandale)

Home delivery roast chook is this company’s mission, and they’re on a rapidly expanding juggernaut to deliver it all across town. At face value, the idea is appealing: takeaway can often disappoint, and there’s something honest and refreshing about a local barbeque chook shop that plugs into the sweet-spot childhood memories are stored.

Plus, they now deliver, between 5pm and 9pm - this meal came courtesy of the Annandale store. Unwrapping the Whole Free-Range Lilydale Rotisserie Chicken ($16.50) finds a plump and moist bird. These days I make a killer stuffing, so I was fractionally disappointed to not find more interest in the interior.

After the inevitable Jessica Simpson “I don't eat buffalo” moment, the Buffalo Wings ($8.50/5 pack) went down okay. The wings are cooked through and the chook’s nice and juicy, under a crisp layer of well-stuck spice.

Accompanying salads were a mixed bag - though it’s hard to eat someone else’s Potato Salad ($7.50/med) and Coleslaw ($7.50/med) without (unfair) comparisons.

I tried the Greek ($5.50/small)...

...but the Avocado and Bean Salad ($5.50/small) was definitely my winner.

I’d probably pay the $5.95 (delivery fee) sometimes to avoid the guilt of pizza – I’d just include some Roast (Chat) Potatoes ($9.50/large) to satisfy the carb-craving instead.

Brasa Chicken
12 Booth Street, Annandale
Ph: (1300) 433 199

Brasa Chicken Annandale on Urbanspoon
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