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Review - Smash Sausage Kitchen

Modern sausages bear little resemblance to the lumps of fat, sawdust and gristle cremated on suburban barbeques as I was raised. So these days I think nothing of buying them from my local hero, and industry stalwart of thirty-two years, AC Butchery. Sadly, they’re not supplying the fat but tasty gourmet snags here; owner Nathan Malcolm sources them from an award-winning Hornsby Shire butcher who offers more than sixty flavours!

Over a lovely crisp Genesis Cider ($7) produced locally in the NSW Highlands, Nathan told me to narrow down his menu, he “sat down with fifteen friends and sampled twenty-two sausages and voted.”

The winning nine snags are served by twos ($18) or threes ($21) in a ‘choose your own adventure’ way with different mashes and gravies. My combo of choice was Moroccan Lamb and Raisin with Caramelised Onion Mash and Traditional Gravy...

...though Honey Chicken and Macadamia pictured here with Potato and Parmesan Mash and Mushroom Gravy are also good.

If you’re keen to add hefty sides like this Beetroot, Barley, Bocconcini and Spinach Salad ($9)...

...or entrees like Chunky Fish Fingers ($15) with golden panko crumbs or a credible Caramelised Onion and Goat’s Cheese Tart ($10);
I’d stop at two sausages.

The homely comfort food suits the kitsch Nan’s diner meets funky Newtown share-house motif.

My Nan always did a ripper pudding too; though she stopped short of offering a Pudding Sharing Plate ($20) featuring gooey flourless chocolate cake, apple crumble and a very sticky date.

Smash Sausage Kitchen
512 King Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 9516 5424

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