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Review - The Corner House

This week I'm stocking up on some well-earned rest and recuperation, luckily the intrepid Alex Harmon is still on her toes, she's done a bit of bar hopping on the east side...

The chefs are whizzes in their open kitchen and we seemingly eat in their bedroom. This house really knows Gen-Y and their foibles, from the wine list of ‘reds to impress’, the four-quarter pizza ‘for the indecisive’ to the moose head in the bar (like hipster hotspot Shady Pines). But they’re not all for show, co-owner Anthony knows his apples, and, it seems, his grapes. A glass of Save Our Souls Chardonnay ($9) by the young William Downie is a light drop that hits the spot; “first white he made in Australia”, I’m told. It compliments the Heirloom Tomato and Mozzarella Salad ($18) with red grapes for sweetness and tart balsamic dressing.

The Crowded House Pizza ($22) really does have four seasons in one day and comes with a pair of rustic scissors; if it weren’t so tasty I’d call it a gimmick. The Spatchcock ($32) is cooked and butterflied beautifully and has a nice crispy skin but lacks a certain something.

Perhaps the gin and elderflower cocktail, ominously called This Drink is a Riot in London ($18), numbed me? It was created pre-August I’m told, so again: not a stunt. This boudoir has a cool nonchalance in the air, but a meticulous menu on the table.

The Corner House
281 Bondi Road, Bondi
Ph: (02) 8020 6698

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Tags: cocktails, food, wine
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