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Review - Ruby Rabbit

Sydney Mardi Gras’s lost “the alphabet soup”; legal gay marriage seems to finally be on the horizon - so 2012 could well become Sydney’s summer of love. It’s fitting then, that the once-gay Golden Mile now boasts venues with wider appeal.

The camp aesthetic offered up here by designer Rodney Surawski (Artnow Studios), should appeal to straight women and gay men. It starts up top in the now-egalitarian, aqua attic bar; continues down into a topsy-turvy club space; then wraps up on ground level in a pink-hued eatery dotted with antique mirrors and birdcages.

For a perfect pre-club meet-up, cocktails are a given. The Champagne Blossom ($16) tarts up Prosecco rather nicely with elderflower, whilst the refreshing Berri Crush ($12) drips with red summer fruit.

After exploring retro Barbie and Ken’s respective powder rooms, get stuck into the fresh and accessible food. Bread ($3.50) is served up with items from Chef Mark Proudfoot's range of condiments.

There’s a unique, almost Indian-inspired take on Chicken Fajitas ($22), plus a range of low-carb. dishes from...

...well-cooked Grilled Salmon Fillet ($24) on watercress salad to Corn-Fed Chicken Salad ($16) with strawberries and blood orange balsamic.

If there’s room left in your hotpants, indulge with a side of skinny Hot Cheese Fries ($5) rolled in béchamel sauce...

...before returning to stroll the sanitised strip.

Ruby Rabbit
231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 9331 0633

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Tags: cocktails, food
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