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Review - Langkawi

The hipster holiday of choice this year is a staycation. Some may proclaim it’s to protect the planet, but I’ll admit I’m just short on cash. To prevent Pacific pining, I’m distracting myself with a hunt for Sydney’s suburban gems, taking on the suburbs based solely on the tips of talkative taxi drivers. Which is how I’ve landed in the somewhat unlikely locale of Caringbah, for an Indian and Malay affair.

The décor is what you’d expect at the price point – $34/head banquets and backlit marble are not synonymous. Good riddance I declare, as I tuck into a really flavoursome rendition of Butter Chicken ($18.50), which neatly rescues the oft-maligned dish. Sadly the success isn’t continued into Tandoori Chicken Tikka ($14.50/4 pieces) – which begs for some char. Perhaps with one man servicing all comers, chef deliberately tempers his Tandoor?

Regardless the lightly creamy Kashmiri Lamb ($18.50) shows balance;

...and plump Malai Kofta ($15.50) dumplings swim in cashew gravy so addictive, vegetarians will be slapping away visiting Naans ($3.50/each).

Beef Rendang ($18.50) wanted more time in the pot – I dined at lunch so I’d hazard it’d be tasty for tea. Cheap but pedestrian wines point to BYO ($2/head) or Indian Royal Challenge Beer ($6.20).

359 Port Hacking Road, South Caringbah
Ph: (02) 9526 8588

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