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Review - Coco Cubano

Tipping their black beret to this Caribbean island more than I imagined, the cosy red-hued backroom had me imagining I’d just come down from the mountains with Che Guevara after liberating my people from the Yankee imperialists.

Admittedly I’d just thrown back a ripper Passionfruit Mojito ($14.90), made inroads into what may be this city’s biggest (whole bottle) jug of Sangria ($28), and...

...foolishly inhaled a hand-rolled Cohiba Cuban Cigar ($4.90), so it was probably just head spins.

Regardless, check your prejudices about run-of-the-mill chain restaurants and dive into this pivotal piece of Central Oxford Street real estate.

Beyond people watching, it offers up quite passable tapas, from a duo of Mini Burger Sliders ($9.90) with grilled cheese and onion jam...

...to a sizzling platter of Spiced Chicken with Jalapenos and Guacamole ($10.90), wrapped in warm tortillas.

As night falls over the orange-tinged law courts, planning your next revolution may carry you from...

...the clever combination of Grilled Haloumi, Charred Peppers, Capers and Herbs ($10.90) into much sweeter times.

Chocolate’s a highlight. It’s made not from powders or syrups, but glorious melted buttons that had me scraping my plate of Choc Cinnamon Churros ($13.90), despite them being a tad crunchier than expected.

It's time to rise up.

Coco Cubano
191 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (0450) 956 395

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Tags: cocktails, food
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