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Review - Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant

I was lucky enough to spend Chinese New Year at Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant with a number of my esteemed food writing colleagues.

With thousands of years of culinary history behind them, it should come as no surprise that the Chinese even do surf’n’turf better, as a decadent cold platter of Suckling Pig and Jellyfish ($58/3-4 persons) demonstrated.

That was served before my evening’s real ‘golden egg’, a ten-month old BBQ Goose ($88/whole) cooked in the style of Peking duck. It’s glistening crisp skin gives way to tender, less-gamey flesh.

I eat the liver too, in a lip smacking tango called Beef Cube Stir Fry with Goose Liver ($28.80) so salty it did have me reaching for my 2010 Vasse Felix Chardonnay ($40) more times than was proper.

Aussie-grown goose aces Kam Fook’s Special Roast Chicken ($22.80). Regardless it’s a lovely, moist bird, cooked to perfection in a ‘spaceship oven’, arriving with crisp skin bespeckled by crunchy garlic crisps.

A contrasting course of Snow Crab with Ginger and Shallot ($88/kilo) gives me pause. It’s delicate flesh rivals that of mud crab, with a truly tantalising flavour difference that even has me extracting orange lobes of roe.

General Manager Alan Yeung (a qualified international food judge) explains Chinese culture dictates large restaurants can demand a better market share of good suppliers.

You’ll taste it on the plate here.

Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant
Shop 6010, Level 6, Westfield Shopping Centre, 100 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
Ph: (02) 9386 9889

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