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Review - Kong's Jungle Lounge

Alex Harmon continues bar hopping...

Escape the Westfield jungle to a Tiki-themed bar serving soul food under ambient lighting. There’s delightful kitsch everywhere, like cocktails served in jars, burgers on dartboards and decks of cards on the tables. My daily cocktail special was the Peppermint Tea Mojito ($10) – refreshingly crisp, although the ‘Coles’ brand teabag summoned another kind of ‘special’.

The pricing here is exceptional, from Beef Sliders ($10/3) to delicious Tiki Ribs ($10).

These short ribs are marinated in pineapple and rum and served sweet, sticky and tender. Adam Dundas Taylor of Nobu and Hugos fame admits there were some teething problems. Their initial, ambitious menu of  “Polyn-Asian food” is now simplified and cheaper, like “gourmet hot dogs with an Asian influence.” As the saying goes, less is more and now they’ve got it right.

The waiter brought us a new creation: Tiki Fried Chicken ($10) which is exactly what you’d expect – fast food stripped back then built upon with freshness and flavour. He tells me it’s drinking food you “eat with one hand.” This concept’s been thrown around a lot lately, but I like it. Perhaps Sydneysiders are getting lazier, boozier and have shorter attention spans - a game of dominoes before the next round of drinks?

Kong’s Jungle Lounge
110 Spring Street,
 Bondi Junction
Ph: (02) 8021 8122

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