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Review - Caffe Sicilia (Almond Degustation)

This month I celebrated Siciliy’s almond harvest with a three course dinner ($55/head) at Caffe Sicilia. The menu, which is available for the rest of the month, includes a choice of two options for every course. Plus, if you're in need of some flattery, the diligent young Sicilian wait staff practically consider it their duty to flirt, and with all the passing traffic along busy Crown Street, they've become very, very good at it.

Beyond the flattery, you’re sure to appreciate the simplicity of the king prawn salad Trapanese with basil, tomato and almond knife cut pesto.

That's not to say that the alternative course of Casereccia pasta with seared swordfish, toasted almonds and lemon zest, white wine and extra virgin olive oil emulsion isn't also amazing. The house-made pastas are really exceptional here.


And while I was far from unhappy with my pan fried almond crumbed pork cutlet with perfectly cooked spuds and a lemon/honey dipping sauce...

... the intriguing almond praline snapper fillet kept my fork straying to my dining companion’s plate. Who knew the humble almond could perform so many jobs?

Of course I took the opportunity to explore a few more flavours of granita from their Carpigiani Maestro machine (the first one to be brought to Australia). The creamy (and dairy-free) pistachio remains my favourite, though the almond granita (offered with this menu) provides it with some stiff competition.

That is, if you can avoid ordering the rather spectacular almond and marzipan coated Italian cake. You could always do what I did, and take someone with you, then force them to order all the things you didn't. Hurry, it's only available until the end of the month.

Caffe Sicilia
628 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9699 8787

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