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Cook Islands - the fishes

For mistressfi here come some shots of the fishes! The first three were taken at breakfast in our resort, looking over the edge of the restaurant balcony (note the bird swooping down to catch the food). One of the reasons that the snorkeling is so good in Rarotonga, is that there is a disease inside the reef which means the fish can't be caught and eaten, so all fishing happens outside the reef. This means that the fish inside are tame, friendly, and love to be hand fed... no fear. As you went out further, there were more abundant fish, of more amazing colours.

These two pictures were taken in knee deep water on the outlying island of Atiutaki. The first is of mullet, and the second one  shows my favourite fish - the  Auriga Butterflyfish, also known as the Threadfin Butterflyfish. I was adopted by a school of about 20 of them for nearly 15 minutes, every time I turned around, there they were. I even hand fed them. I started to jokingly call them 'the boys', and hand fed them daily right out the front of our resort.

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