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Review - Cosmopolitan Cafe

Alex Harmon also took the time to check out one of Sydney's dining institutions...

It was the Harbour Bridge’s 80th birthday so cocktails and oysters at a Double Bay institution seemed fitting - and it has been around almost as long as the coathanger herself. Okay, make that half as long (in transient Sydney though, that’s a lifetime). Their very name calls for a round of Cosmopolitans ($15) and like good Italian lineage, they carry their name beautifully.

The menu is also cosmopolitan - Aussie classics, Hungarian comfort food and Asian staples - our waiter calls it “little Budapest” but I think it depends on who serves you. We bypass goulash for a French classic, Nicoise Salad ($20.50) a light accompaniment...

...to Sydney Oysters ($17.50/6) they’re salty and chilled, and don’t need the seafood sauce they’re served with.

My dining partner is a Pad Thai ($23.50) connoisseur (from Newtown, naturally) and liked their version, which goes heavy on the oyster sauce and doesn’t lack in prawns or heat.

Their Veal Schnitzel ($27.50) is comforting and, as they trade until 2am, will soak up any heavy drinking, post-Sheaf.

The Chocolate Mousse Trilogy ($12.50) is a milk, dark and white chocolate ménage à trois - take this happy ending with an Expresso Martini ($15) if you’re really in the mood to celebrate. 

Cosmopolitan Cafe
Cosmopolitan Centre, 2-22 Knox Street, Double Bay
Ph: (02) 9362 1881

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