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Review - Zenobia

Over the last few days we've spent a fair bit of time eating ham... but we did pop out one evening to Zenobia, a lebanese restaurant that my significant other has been keen to try, on Norton Street:

We dined at Zenobia two nights ago to try one of the only non-Italian restaurants on Norton Street. We enjoyed our meal, particularly commenting on the freshness of the food.

Between two people, we ordered a Zenobia Salad (an interesting tomato based dish, more like a dip than a salad, with Haloumi and olives as the predominant notes); a serve of lamb sambusi (pastry parcels, filled with minced lamb, which were deliciously free of too much oil, tasty, and possibly the best example of this dish I have had); lamb cutlets (a little bland, served with Lebanese chilli bread) and tabouli with bread (a light, bright tabouli, heavy on fresh, tasty tomato, light on cracked wheat). The only dish that disappointed slightly was the lamb cutlets, which could have done with some more spice on the lamb itself.

We also had two homemade lemon drinks, which were delightfully fragrant, and took our own bottle of wine. The whole meal came to $45, which I think represented good value, when you consider that it included the drinks and corkage, plus more healthy, fresh food than we could eat. We did comment that ordering the $40 per head banquet would have been bad value for us, considering how small the bill was, and the fact that we were full at the conclusion of our meal.

The service was warm and friendly, though when asked for recommendations of house specialities, the waitress only recommended choosing dishes for yourself, or the banquet. I also think naming the dishes MAINS on the menu, when they are generally all sharing plates, is probably a misnomer.

My partner was delighted to be able to smoke at the outdoor balcony table; and based on the whole experience, I would return to Zenobia the next time I was after Lebanese food.

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