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Exciting News - Quay

The next Gourmet Traveller Reader Dinner is at Quay, which is very exciting, as it is a 3 hat restaurant, that is very prohibitively priced. It is on Tuesday 13th February, 2007.

So what say you ozgenre and gigglznwrigglz do we have a date?

I have booked a table for four, and it is $95 per head for 4 courses and matched wines, plus a $10 donation to Ovarian Cancer... and you get to meet the chef (Peter Gilmore) and a showbag usually from Gourmet Traveller. The courses include Sea Pearls, Mud crab congee, 300-day Poached Wagyu beef fillet, braised mushrooms, spinach shoots, Tasmanian wasabi butter and a almond semifreddo with cherries.

I am already very excited!
Tags: food, wine
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