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Event - Coney Island, Zeta Bar

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I was lucky enough to get an invite to Zeta Bar's latest venture, Coney Island, and on my birthday no less!

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After the success of their Farmer's Market, they've now turned Friday nights into an amusement park of cocktails, entertainment and Coney Island themed bites.


So head on down ready to rediscover your inner kid, with glowing green and blue drinks like these Zeta Coney Island Iced Teas ($18). Be warned, not only do they glow like radioactive waste, they're particularly lethal too.


More to my taste was this Smokin' Jack & Coke ($15) served in a jam jar.

WEBZetaBar-08 WEBZetaBar-01

Beyond the copious cocktails, we were offered some cool bites, like this little pina colada marshmallow. There's also entertainment in the form of circus acts like a strongman and a contortionist, in a rotating weekly roster.


Easily one of the best cocktails I tried was this Coney Cotton Candy Cosmo ($18), complete with fairy floss!


To top it all off, the lovely staff remembered I'd said it was my birthday, and presented me with...


...my very own mega raspberry macaron 'cake' complete with candle!

WEBZetaBar-12 WEBZetaBar-13 WEBZetaBar-14

After another Coney Island Tin Can ($18) followed by a 'Hotdog Washed' Manhattan ($18) that came with a mini hotdog we were off into the night with some more take-home sugar - a toffee apple and a lollipop. I was buzzing for hours!

Definitely worth popping down one Friday night after 6pm to experience this... but be warned, your sugar levels may skyrocket!

Zeta Bar
The Hilton, Level 4,  488 George Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9265 6070

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