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This Week's Column - Sydney's Next...

Published in the City Hub, Bondi View, Inner West Independent and City News.

As I’m sure you’ve already got your fill of Sydney’s best this issue, I thought I’d tell you about a few of Sydney’s next big things...

WEBThe Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

I’m already hearing a buzz about the CBD’s latest entry, a New York style brasserie called The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room. It’s not surprising, since it’s Sean Connolly cooking – I always enjoyed my meals at his last two ventures, Astral and Sean’s Kitchen. If you’re trying to locate this stylish new city hang, head straight for The Brooklyn Hotel. Your first stop should be their oyster room, where you can watch them shuck to order. Recall that September is, the start of the best time to eat those briny, lil’ bivalves…

While Zeta Bar isn’t new, they do have a brand new Friday night called Coney Island. The Zeta team really go above and beyond the call of duty to keep cocktails interesting, what with transforming their whole venue into the perfect place to get reacquainted with your inner kid. Whilst I loved the look of gun mixologist Grant Collins’ Coney Island Iced Tea, the luminous green glow did aptly herald an extremely lethal kick. I’d instead steer you toward the demurely smouldering Smokin’ Jack & Coke. Be warned: this is quite a sugary theme, so after downing a few Cotton Candy Cosmos, you’ll probably be craving something savoury. Luckily they’ve thought of everything, offering up hot dogs with American mustard and fried onions. Don’t be letting any roving contortionists put you off your eats…

The already restaurant-dense Surry Hills has recently welcomed a new Italian restaurant called Parma. So far I’ve only managed a peek at the stylish, modern interior. The menu promises everything from antipasto and formaggi from the deli, to slow roasted duck and porcini lasagne. The highlight is expected to be their pizzas, made with fresh buffalina mozzarella. I’ll be popping in to try the offerings of head chef Alessandro Vinci-Cannava (formerly of Establishment), some time soon. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review…

Earlier this month I also got a taste of the latest addition to Westfield Sydney, Streets of Saigon. It brings the colourful street signage and fresh food offerings of Vietnam to the Level Five food court. You’ll find they offer up everything from rice paper rolls and salads, to Vietnam’s most famous dish, a steaming bowl of pho. It’s bound to become popular with the CBD’s healthy lunch crowd…

If I had a critique about Ocean Room, it’s that their acclaimed chef Raita Noda doesn’t change his tantilising menu often enough to justify me returning more quickly! Of course now I have to eat my words, because he’s just released twelve new courses in a special hundred-and-twenty-dollar tasting menu. Yep, that’s just ten bucks a course! My mouth is already watering over the Ochazuke Modern combining Gyokuro green tea and dashi, Koshihikari rice crust, flame seared sand whiting, umeboshi sorbet, wasabi dust. I do love my preserved plums…

Despite it being open some months, I’m still yet to visit the Town Bike Pittstop. The Redfern-based venture of two friends, John Azzi & Grahame Rowe, is already a favourite of Sydney’s cycling community. I’m sticking it here in my list of Sydney’s next big things, because I’m hoping that this bicycle-themed café marks the beginning of a trend: where on the weekends we all leave our cars at home, and cycle to our favourite coffee spot. More than just a café, bike shop and repair workshop, this spot also houses the Redfern Bike Depot, a City of Sydney supported venture that allows you to borrow tools to maintain your own bike. To fuel your labour, tuck into bacon and eggs on Turkish bread, and a coffee milkshake made on their sweet, rich Di Gabriel coffee.
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