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Review - Food Society *UPDATED*

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One year on, and I’m back enjoying the convivial hospitality of this restaurant, which spawned from a catering business.


Some predicted it was too eclectic to work, but they’ve answered those critics by their very longevity.


With a new chef in Ali Bahmad (ex-Aqua Luna), I was glad to see some of my favourites had remained – though he’s tweaked the formerly light and airy Spinach and Bulgarian Feta Burek ($3.80/each) into a dainty cigar served on fruity ancho chilli relish.


Ali is kept on his toes by Polish (and proud) floor manager Darius Grygo, who explains “every dish he did, he gave to us to try.


Darius insists we try a board of Fried Cauliflower ($11), so lightly coated in a compelling, well-seasoned crust, that it belies being fried.

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The Pork Belly, Speck and Apple Cider Vinegar Pierogi ($3/each) are an excellent match to the eminently drinkable Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka Spiced Apple Pie ($15).

WEBFoodSociety-15 WEBFoodSociety-16

Vodka is the speciality here, and you’d do well to leave yourself in Darius’ capable hands. He trots out a Zoladkowa Orange and Clove ($9) vodka against the suitably decadent Roasted Duck ($32); however it’s...


...the creamy Squid Ink Risotto with Grilled Cuttlefish ($26) that really makes me into a believer once again… (You can see my initial review of this restaurant back HERE.)


After a dessert sharing board, won by the Pashka with Strawberry Compote ($12), we rollew out into the night very well sated.

Food Society
91 Riley Street, Darlinghurst
Ph: (02) 8090 3462

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