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Event - Princess Coco Launch Party

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Earlier tonight I headed to the new Princess Coco Chocalaterie in Day Street to hobnob with food media and assorted other guests at their launch party.

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All eyes were on the chocolate fountain in the front window, with amber glass trumpets and raining chocolate, rumoured to have cost in the ballpark of $80,000.


Whilst being fed a great range of French cheeses, quiches and rilettes, we drooled over cabinets of cakes. I was definitely hoping we'd get to meet some of their creations up-close-and-personal before the night was out.

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Cameras were flashing in all corners of the well kitted out store, with food bloggers in high attendance. I spotted Grab Your Fork, Chocolate Suze and Inside Cuisine, alongside food personalities like Masterchef's Adam Liaw.


All of the counterhands speak both French and English, and are clad in cute yet provocatively demure outfits.

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The star of the show is the Valrhona Grand Cru Chooclate, which is the basis for all of their artisan extravagances.


The most spectacular looking was the Rêve de Princess Coco ($9.50) sphere.

WEBPrincessCoco-13 WEBPrincessCoco-14

By the time the trays of desserts came out, the audience was pumped!


You see, we were all waiting to try Rika Shiina's pastries (she used to work at Sokyo)...


...and we were not disappointed! The one in the glass featured caramel mousse, coffee, chocolate, nougat and Jack Daniels (it was my favourite).

After such a great start, I look forward to going back and giving it a proper try as a plain old customer some time soon!

Princess Coco Chocolaterie
158-166 Day Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9269 0881

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