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Review - The Pie Tin

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The pie’s practically an Aussie icon, and we’ve all got our favourite spot.

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This one’s clearly on the way to becoming part of the fabric of the new Newtown. It’s set in an airy refit of a modest 1912 Federation warehouse; its history detailed on a plaque by the door.

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They offer a filling, rustic pie experience, made into a meal for a reasonable price.

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Southern Style Slow Roasted Pork with Tangy Apple and BBQ Sauce ($10/with 2 sides) lacked a solid backbone of seasoning, and ached for a sloppier sauce.


Gravy is offered, and with hindsight I’d take it - along with the kumera fries I coveted from my neighbour’s plate. Both would improve even fancier flavours, like North African Style Slow Roasted Lamb with Chermoula Spice, Eggplant and Capsicum ($11).

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Canoodling couples exchanging forkfuls of sugar let you in on the real highlight...

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...homey dessert pies.

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Owner Sarah Martin tells me the secret to her dreamy Oreo Cookie Pie ($6.50/slice), is not messing too much with the cookie itself: “We just try and enhance what’s already there.”


Don’t let the epic proportions of The Apple Pie that Ate Newtown ($6.50/slice) send you the way of the pelican – your mouth should never hold more than your belly can.

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My dining companion for this meal was Australian Pork advocate Mitch Edwards. He's pictured doing his best not to look intimidated, as he documents a sweet onslaught of pie.  For a trim man, he did a most admirable job.

The Pie Tin
1a Brown Street, Newtown
Ph: (02) 9518 7880 

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