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Review - The London

Alex Harmon shows she knows quite a bit about British pubs...

There’s nothing particularly English about The London hotel. For starters, it’s full of light, the bartenders are young and cute, and the food is modern Australian. You could say it’s a little Parisian, as they allow patrons to bring their pooches to the table. Speaking of collars, the male diners had theirs upturned, and full of colour  – where else but in Paddington? Clearly the men are also kept on a short leash.


About the only nod to English pub fare is the pot pie, but it was a hot day, so it didn’t seem right. A Pulled Pork Sandwich ($16) suited the sunny afternoon; busting at the seams with coleslaw and tufts of pork, like an ostentatious wedding dress.


The Peking Duck Pizza ($25) is so long, it needs its own table; but it wasn’t hard to make it through the football field of luscious duck, hoi sin sauce and mushrooms. In fact, I could have gone into extra time.


Even though I was in uncharted Paddington waters sharing a space with pets and Country Road catalogue posers, a stunning side of Haloumi Salad ($23) and a couple of glasses of Ca’ Vescovo Prosecco ($11/glass) made me feel right at home – and that is the essence of an English pub.

The London
85 Underwood Street, Paddington
Ph: (02) 9331 3200

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