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Event - Kumato Lunch, Chiswick


The Kumato is back in season. In case you were wondering, it came about as an accidental cross between wild and domestic tomatoes at the edge of Luis Ortega's farm in Spain.

WEBKumato-01 WEBKumato-04 WEBKumato-03

I recently got reacquainted with them at a lunch with some Aussie growers at Chiswick in Woollahra.


As I took in the lovely garden surrounds, I downed a rather spicy Kumato Bloody Mary against some Rosemary Flat Bread.


Kumatoes are grown in glasshouses, and I happened to be sitting with a pair of growers. My top tip, direct from the grower's mouth is: don't store them in the fridge, it kills their flavour.

WEBKumato-08 WEBKumato-09

While we chatted we dined on Kingfish with Radish, Avocado and Nashi Pear and saw another clever use of the Kumato from the Chiswick kitchen - Kumato Bruschetta with White Anchovies.

WEBKumato-11 WEBKumato-12

I was also rather enamoured with the Wood Roasted Chicken with Brussels Sprouts and Bread Sauce, mostly for the bread sauce! It went well with Green Beans, Confit Eshallots and Capers.


It might not have contained the product in question, however I really enjoyed the smoky flavour in these Char-Grilled Carrots with Smoked Almonds, Cumin and Lemon.

WEBKumato-13 WEBKumato-10

My Kumato highlight was the Pickled Kumato Salad with Rosa Radish, Goat's Cheese and Basil. It reduced the rich, fatty intensity of the Wood Roasted Moran Family Lamb with Chickpeas and Mint.

Everything I ate was pared back and simple, letting the produce be the hero. All dishes suited the vibrant green surrounds, making this the perfect lunch time spot

65 Ocean Street, Woollahra
Ph: (02) 8388 8688

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