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Review - Vicinity Dining

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Alexandria: things are different here. Being industrial, six o’clock is a bad time to arrive – not only is parking limited, neighbouring warehouses exhale a high volume of cars driven by those hell-bent on getting home.

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We walk into something akin to a warehouse party, and fittingly end up in a set of gold thrones on the edge of the dance-come-dining floor.


Waiters are plentiful and enthusiastic; perhaps so plentiful they might benefit from an experienced maître d. Regardless, I’m here for the chef.

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I’ve followed Head Chef Paul Pereira through three restaurants. His luscious Sticky Beef Ribs ($14) boasting puffed rice, potato wafer and Korean ssamjang mayo, suit a Japanese Hitachino White Ale ($12), and stir my memories of Paul’s time at Forbes and Burton.


Fish to Share For Two ($22/person) builds upon his experience at Finefish in Neutral Bay. The mussel and clam topped flounder is expertly handled, and the sharing portion makes for a very interactive dining experience.

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It’s enhanced by great sides - Broccolini with Lemon and Anchovy Breadcrumbs ($10) and Turmeric Cauliflower ($10).


Pereira’s food, down to a perfect Lemon Tart ($14), shines through hiccups like bathroom tap placement and ever-present television (including in the bathroom ceiling) - the residents of Alexandria are lucky to land him.

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Vicinity Dining
90-96 Bourke Road, Alexandria
Ph: (02) 9002 1333

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