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Travel - Exeter Village Market

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An even more picturesque Southern Highlands stop is the Exeter Village Market, which takes place on the village green and in community hall at Exeter.

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At this market I was most enamoured with Pecora Dairy who hand-make a range of East Friesian ewe’s milk cheeses in Robertson. The standout is their Jamberoo Mountain Blue, which also took home a Gold Medal at this year’s Sydney Royal.

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If you head down on the first Saturday of the month between 9am-3pm you also might find a range of brightly coloured plums...

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...Park Hill garlic (grown by Margie Stuart, a descendant of the first settlers in the region, the Throsbys; on her land on the original estate in Moss Vale),
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...fresh locally grown vegetables and a great range of things in jars, including pickled wild mushrooms.

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Best part of this market is that they also have a cute little café serving up iced coffees, homemade cakes and high tea.

Exeter Village Market
Exeter Road, Exeter
Ph: (02) 4883 6462
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