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Here are two more bars from the resident Bar Fly, Rebecca Varidel. Catch more of her musings on Inside Cuisine.

Published in the City Hub, Inner West Independent and City News.


33 Enmore Road, Newtown (02) 8068 1473 hartsyard.com.au
“Do you love it already?” I hear Megan say at the next table. Later she coos: “it’s a guilty pleasure,” about another dish. I’m here for the cocktails (all $17.50), starting with an Enmore Collins, where Tanqueray Gin is gently underpinned with house made ginger syrup, lemon juice and fresh mint. Terrific. But after overhearing Megan’s excitement, I reckon I should eat. She’s right: the duck rillettes with peaches, foie gras and duck fat toast, are heavenly. So against all advice (that it’s a very large portion) I order more food: fried chicken, buttermilk biscuit, low country sausage gravy. Spicy. Crisp. Succulent. Superb. And with that I have to order beer: the Hartsyard Red Ale (bottled for Hartsyard by Rocks Brewing Co.) Hartsyard ticks all the boxes (with friendly, fun and attentive service.) I’m going back for dessert.

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17 Randle Street, Surry Hills (02) 9211 7798 mexicofoodandliquor.com.au
One night, after many margaritas I thought I was Frida Kahlo. World traveller, now Mexico Food & Liquor waitress, Florence lent me her decorative headpiece to wear. Although tempted, I stopped short of pencilling on a mono-brow. On my second visit for a 1pm breakfast, I noticed liquid agave was served as the sweetener for my coffee. DIY guacamole – a whole avocado to mash, then add your own heat with salsa picante - helped start my day. I could have also had churros with cinnamon sugar and guajillo chilli chocolate, but I didn’t. Instead, I got my breakfast fruit in the form of watermelon margaritas (by the carafe - $20). Mexico is, first and foremost, a tequila bar after all. Warren Turnbull also provides an informative written story (history, production, types) of tequila at each table.

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