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This Week's Column - Food News

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Hot on my list of butchers I’d like to try is Alexandria’s latest meat wholesale outlet store - Wrights the Butchers. My mouth has been watering as I’ve been pouring over Clayton Wright’s weekly email updates. His impressive product list includes the Rangers Valley Beef that recently had me cooing in the hands of Gastro Park’s Grant King at a recent review. You’ll also find Berkshire pork, La Ionica chooks, White Rocks veal and milk-fed lambs from Flinders Island. I’ll be heading over for a proper reconnaissance soon…

These days it’s hard to predict what the weather will bring, so make the most of our dwindling summer with a visit to Cockatoo Island. You’ll be met with old-fashioned Southern hospitality if you time your visit between Friday 15th and Sunday 17th February, when The Island Bar goes all French-Quarter. Yep, we’re talking Bourbon Street, New Orleans in the grips of the Mardi Gras with masks, beads and Maker’s Mark Mint Juleps. Your hunger will be assuaged by food carts bearing Louisiana hot dogs, Cajun chicken strips and Creole pizzas as you dance to the beat of a marching band. Sounds very enticing…

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on Rekorderlig’s latest flavoured cider, Orange & Ginger, it’s been the enduring taste of my summer. I’m a fan of getting it out of the bottle and into a glass of ice with a squeeze of lemon or lime to up the acidity. If you’re feeling daring, up its subtle ginger with a slurp of The Kings Ginger, a zesty Dutch liqueur that’s rapidly becoming one of my firm favourites! I picked up my last bottle at the Unity Hall Hotel bottle shop in Balmain.
rekorderlig.com thekingsginger.com

Staying with the drinking theme, Paddington is turning it on between the 14th-17th February with the inaugural Paddington Pub Fest. While nine different Paddo pubs are taking part, my pick of the bunch is the Paddington Arms Hotel where Matilda Bay Brewing Co. brewer, Chloe Lovatt is hosting a beer and food matching lunch. I’m told matches may include braised lamb shoulder with Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner or perhaps a pork shoulder with Matilda Bay Fat Yak – either way it sounds like a great reason to enjoy a pub lunch in Paddo!
paddoarms.com.au facebook.com/PaddoPubs
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