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Review - P. J. Gallagher's

This week Alex Harmon tried her luck with the Irish...


The clientele at this Entertainment Quarter hotspot changes dramatically depending upon which band is checking in. I was surrounded by emo teens there for a Soundwave sideshow, but you can imagine a very different story if it was Pink at the Hordern Pavilion. But that’s the beauty of this Irish bar: it's not just frequented by the Irish.

Outdoor dining under the trees is perfect for sinking a few beers pre-show, but it’s also great for a pub meal with a Celtic twist. The red-haired Dublin-accented bar staff pull a mean Guinness, which accompanies the Irish Stew ($16) of lamb and potatoes pretty damn well. The meat is tender and sweet, exactly what you want with a bitterly good pint.


Chicken Caesar Salad ($19) doesn’t skimp on anything – it’s more a meal than a side.


Salt and Pepper Prawns ($16) are a refreshing change from squid, the plump prawns and fresh aioli go down a treat.


As you’d expect, steaks are the staple here and the Scotch Fillet ($28) with fries is satisfying enough to get you through any gig.

WEBPJs Irish pie

Although, as the Steak and Guinness Pie ($19) floated by, I had diner’s envy: it was the size of a basketball. Next time I’m catching a gig...

P.J. Gallagher’s
1 Bent Street, Moore Park
Ph: (02) 9331 5218

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