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Review - Bistro Rivage


I make the best tart tartin,” says Tom Rutherford.

WEBBistroRivage-28 WEBBistroRivage-25

With a culinary pedigree as long as your arm, and a correspondingly excellent Tart Tartin ($14), Tom can rightfully command a willing audience, even in the far flung reaches of Palm Beach.


I’d drive back, swimming costume firmly in hand, just for another crack at his Steak Tartare ($18.50) – easily one of Sydney's best.


Tom is an Albert Roux protégé - in fact, for three weeks last year, he and Albert “worked, slept and lived together.

WEBBistroRivage-02 WEBBistroRivage-03

After he returned, “the penny dropped” and this airy blue and white beachside French bistro is the happy lovechild.


Rabbit Rillettes with Prunes and Melba Toasts ($18.50) illustrates the perfect French Aussie union, presented with both banana leaf and doily...

WEBBistroRivage-13 WEBBistroRivage-15 WEBBistroRivage-16

...and complimented by Lillet Rose ($9/glass).


Follow it with decadent Pan Seared Scallops on Fennel Tatin ($29.50) – Tom had to get some cream in there somewhere – or...

WEBBistroRivage-20 WEBBistroRivage-21

...the slightly more sensible Pan Fried Sole in Nut Butter and Lemon ($29.50).

WEBBistroRivage-30 WEBBistroRivage-31

Parisian style drinks are also on offer – the must-try pretty Rinquinquin de Pêche ($10) suits a rarely seen Baba au Rhum ($14).

WEBBistroRivage-06 WEBBistroRivage-05

I advocate drinking with relative abandon, then ensconcing yourself in the sand for a few hours on nearby Palm Beach...


Bistro Rivage
1 Beach Road, Palm Beach
Ph: (02) 9974 1159

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