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Review - Mezebar


Tek tek: these intriguing Turkish words roll off the tongue (and were part of the song title Düm Tek Tek that won Turkey Eurovision in 2009).

WEBMezebar-02 WEBMezebar-01

At Efendy’s new casual Mezebar they’re 100ml mini cocktails (think: long shots), and at only five bucks apiece, you can afford a whole lot of bang for fifty bucks.

WEBMezebar-08 WEBMezebar-10 WEBMezebar-09

My favourites were Mastika ($5) a gin and mastic liqueur combo with lemon and cucumber; and Malatya ($5) featuring cardamom-infused apricot whiskey, Riesling and Uludağ fizzy lemonade - but perhaps I’ll go back and make sure?

WEBMezebar-12 WEBMezebar-06

Ten shots in (and only fifty in the red) you can probably afford a chaser – I favoured Efes Pilsen ($8), Turkey’s favourite beer.


It suits snacks like Bosphorus Fried Mussels ($10), served on sticks but a darn sight better than anything you’ll eat at the Easter Show.


As charcoaled meats are an Efendy specialty, you should definitely include smoky Beef Kebap Iskender ($20).


For alcohol absorbing bready snacks, there’s pide on the six-dip cold Meze Board ($22) won by the Süzme yogurt (labneh);


...or Turkey’s answer to the toasted sandwich - Borek ($7) filled with air-dried beef and kashar cheese.


Of course I blame my parting grin on the baklava, enjoyed from a shared Dessert Platter ($12), not ten tek tek…

Ground Floor, 79 Elliott Street, Balmain
Ph: (02) 9810 5466

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