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Green Seafood Curry

After a week of being sick (hence the lack of updates) the most exciting thing we did on the weekend, bar getting a new fridge, was cook a green seafood curry. Oh and I enrolled for a UTS course on Food Writing with SMH critic John Newton.

We also went and visited Annie in her new home with emstergraphics and Wunjo. She looks very happy there, and was none too excited to see us... probably worried about us taking her back to the torture chamber. Our three remaining cats are also much happier, co-existing on our tiny balcony quite happily now:

Now on to my weekend's highlights... first we found the best ever Anzac Cookies (a childhood delight of mine) at (surprisingly enough) the Vietnamese baker on Marion Street in Leichhardt. They rock. And they're like $2.50 for 4-5 big, brown cookies, filled with rolled oats, and tasting of butter and golden syrup. Due to rapid onset eating, no photographs available.

Then my partner got excited about using the new gas burner on the barbeque, so we decided to cook a green seafood curry, partly because we had to go to Macquarie Shopping Centre to pick up the set text for my course, and they have an amazing De Costi outlet there. We got some lovely whiting fillets, and some cute cleaned Vietnamese squid, and some large green prawns. The whole lot came to a measly $11.40 - a total bargain.

We also did some shopping at  Panetta's where we picked up some corriander, red capsicum, eggplant, green chillis and cooking bananas. Then we trekked into The Burlington Centre for a wok, which was then seasoned with rock salt, and oiled. Luckily it fitted the new burner perfectly!

With a handy window-side seat, I watched the chef at work:

The addition of the prawns was a process watched avidly by more than just me and my camera:

However Jaspurr barely raised an eyelid at the whole process...

The result was quite outstanding!

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