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If you work down near the harbour, The Morrison now serves breakfast every weekday between 7.30am and 11am. Alongside childhood favourites like eggs and soldiers, they’re also dishing up some heartier stuff like gypsy eggs (baked eggs with chorizo, and spicy tomato and bean casserole). If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can try a choc. jaffle that wraps peanut butter, banana and chocolate into a tasty toastie! The coffee is Single Origin Roasters, and it’s available as a regular (four buck) cup, or you can live dangerously and have it in a smooth espresso martini. Don’t mind if I do…

On four Friday nights in June, Dunbar House is offering up a twinkling after-dark Sydney Harbour view as you partake of food by Head Chef Keith Murray. These special winter dinners will include seasonal options like rabbit loin paired with chorizo, potato gnocchi, tomato and tarragon, followed by mains like roast snapper fillet with cauliflower puree and winter salad. Or there's a Portuguese themed Saturday night on the 15th June in this beautiful setting that boasts William Morris wallpaper, Catherine Martin carpets and hand crafted crystal chandeliers, which will set you back $80/head, with matching wine packages available for an additional $40/head.

Kings Cross has been rife with launch parties this month, with both Crane Bar and Janus hitting the scene. Crane Bar, who are dishing up Japanese fusion cuisine (check the review running this week), greeted guests with Japanese percussionists and roving geishas. While Janus, being under the helm of Brazilian/French chef Marcello Guzzo, gave things a Brazilian flavour with a live Brazilian band and Brazilian/Italian inspired food and drinks. Here’s hoping the picanha stays on their permanent menu! It will definitely include Janus’s famous meter-long antipasto platter - perfect for a long session of post-work drinks!

At a recent event I met Lisa Goldberg, who is one of the six authors of the Monday Morning Cooking Club [RRP $39.95]. It’s a truly heart-warming collection of recipes that map Sydney’s Jewish community. All of the recipes are about nurturing those you love. What I wasn’t expecting was to be nourished by, were the amazing stories that precede each of the sixty-five cooks that explain how each person or family ended up here. As a result it’s one of the widest collections of recipes I’ve seen, because unlike most cookbooks, this one is about culture without a defined idea of place. As Goldberg points out: “Some dishes remind people of the place they have come from – a poppy seed beigli or zserbo torte reminds some of pre-war life in Budapest, and the reincarnation of these recipes on arrival in Australia is making sure that this heritage is not lost.” It makes a strong argument for collecting your own family’s recipes and history before they are lost…
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