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Review - The Renegades


A wine bar, you say, in Mascot? Truth be told, it’s not a suburb I usually visit unless it’s to blow this town, but somehow I found myself agreeing to check it out. Despite a name that summons a bikie dive, you’re actually looking for a slickly fitted out blonde-wood café/wine bar at the end of a row of restaurants, in an industrial/residential complex.

WEBTheRenegades-04 WEBTheRenegades-05

It’s made edgier – well as edgy as the Qantas corporate set probably get – by large, colourful...


...aerosol and acrylic works from Sydney street artist Alex Lehours.


The menu offers up wraps and hot sangers like the Reuben ($9) or...


...the even better Cuban ($9) boasting roast pork, spiced mayo and cheese.

WEBTheRenegades-07 WEBTheRenegades-06 WEBTheRenegades-12

Plus they do a decent coffee – I took mine as a double shot Affogato ($5.50).


On cool days they’re also trotting out a substantial Lamb Meatball with Korma and Red Lentil Soup ($13.50).

When I gave them some stick about their Reuben not being quite the real deal, owner Elizabeth Woods (ex-Bite Café at Simon Johnson Alexandria) was quick to quip: “Well, we are The Renegades…” They’re finally finished the merry council dance for extended trading hours, so on Thursday and Friday evenings they’ll be open late in a wine bar format.

The Renegades
Shop 1, 230 Coward Street, Mascot
Ph: (02) 8338 8884

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