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Readers of this blog are invited to enter the code word BOMB on the Sydney Film Festival buy tickets page to receive $10 tickets to The Moo Man this Sunday 9th June at midday.

It's about a gentle farmer and his happy cows...

Sunday 9 June
The Moo Man 12pm Events Cinemas George Street

Just like a farmer in a children's picture book, all the Moo Man's cows have names and they live long contented lives. Farming in the 21st century is rarely this idyllic, but Stephen Hook is bucking the trend. On his farm in southern England he lovingly cares for his Friesian herd, believing that happy cows make for better milk - which he hand delivers in glass bottles. This approach may be charming, but it doesn't pay the bills and he's forced to reassess.

His new marketing campaign kicks off when he takes Ida, the Queen of the Herd, to Eastbourne, where she poses by the beach lapping up the attention - in fact, she's more than reluctant to leave. Directors Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier followed this gentle farmer for four years, and the result is a heartwarming tale of quiet resistance and resilience.