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Review - Seoul Food

Korean’s my current go-to food every time a winter cold threatens. If you’re new to the cuisine, this modern Crown Street entry - awash with the bright colours of the Korean tri-coloured disc - is a good place to start.

Charismatic owner Joshua Kim cut his teeth on a Japanese restaurant in Leichhardt. Now he’s turning his hand to popularising Korean - thankfully without blaring K-pop or a bewildering array of options – by taking an innovative approach to traditional dishes. Korean Barbeque Wagyu ($32) now has the hard work done in the kitchen...

...while Yookhway ($12) - the Korean version of steak tartare – comes artfully arranged on cucumber slices with roast pine nuts.

My favourite Korean dish, Bibimbap ($18), a blend of fresh, blanched and seasoned vegetables, is further improved here by antioxidant-rich black rice.

All dishes benefit from Banchan ($3), the small but essential side dishes, which add balance to your meal.

Radish Rolls ($9) package up glazed chicken and vegetables in radish paper à la Peking duck.

They suit the house drink, a delicate Ginseng Soju Cocktail ($12); and even it has health benefits - from stress relief to putting lead in your pencil - so be sure and give the edible root a chew!

Seoul Food
614-618 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 8958 1168

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