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Review - Yebisu Izakaya

Lately Regent Place has been edging out Westfield Sydney as my preferred spot for a fast city eat. This week I’ve been snacking Tokyo street style at this Japanese izakaya.

It’s a drinking house – but don’t take that as an indictment on the food – just fair warning the beverage list is epic. Slake your thirst on Japanese craft beers, candy coloured cocktails – okay, I drank the more sensible Kikyo ($8.80); a deceptively easy-to-drink Lemon Shochu Highball ($7.80); or the light citrusy aperitif, Iichiko Yuzu ($8.80/glass).

I took in one of each, as I worked my way through the grainy simplicity of Handmade Tofu ($6.80),

...a well-presented Mix Sashimi Entrée ($15.80),

...a steaming tray of Prawn Gyoza ($7.80), enlivened by the tableside application of ponzu sauce,

...and the somewhat wacky Tom Yum Goong Roll ($15.80).

However if I’m honest, what’s likely to drag me back fastest is a bowl of modern Japanese comfort food – Yebisu Omelette Rice ($14.80) - boasting chicken rice under a thin omelette drizzled with duelling sauces.

It might not look like much, but it’s homey and filling, and resonates against clean, smooth Jozen Mizunogotoshi ($10.80/100ml).

Make sure you order your sake from their super-cute trolley, rather than your table’s iPad - contact with humans is good, no?

Yebisu Izakaya
Regent Place, Shop 7-10, 501 George Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9266 0301

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