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Event - Stag Night, Sean's Panaroma

It’s not often a food festival offers a burger lover like me the chance to wrap my mitts around diverse burgers from sixty-nine different eateries, but that’s how Visa Wellington on a Plate rolls. It’s taking over Wellington, New Zealand (just a three hour hop across the ditch) from the 9th -25th August.

Last week I had the good fortune to taste offal enthusiast, Chef Jacob Brown from The Larder’s entry – seared liver with baby beetroot and onions - matched to one of Garage Project’s excellent craft brews.

All I can say is: it looks like one hell of a competition!

The night, held at Sean's Panaroma was a preview of one of the events festival goers will have a chance to attend - Stag Night. Held on the 11th August, it promises a six course degustation all based on venison offal - my favourite being venison heart tartare with sweetbread toast and fried quail eggs.

The salad of grilled tongue and braised cheek with capers, chervil and orange was a close second, though the heart scrubbed up well in venison broth with a little velvet from the deer's antlers.

It's not often you hear a chef use the word osmosis when he's describing a technique, but that's exactly the process that Jacob used to candy dried deer tendon for dessert (think wine gums).

Of course this is just one event from a crowded schedule that is sure to have something to please everyone. Expect to see locally produced (and foraged) products well represented in the truly impressive cavalcade of foodie events.

Sean's Panaroma
270 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9365 4924

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